Within the scope of our project, Online Education was given to Opole University Students.

“Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth – Prevention of Drug Addiction in Youth” with partners from Portugal (Associação Juvenil de Deão), Norway (University of Oslo) and Poland (University of Opole), supported by the Turkish National Agency and the European Union, and held under the Coordinatorship of Harran University. ” Within the scope of KA2 Erasmus+ Youth project, students of Opole University were given online training to prevent drug addiction.

In the online training given to the students of Opole University, one of our partners, within the framework of the curriculum and films for the prevention of drug addiction created within the scope of our project, known mistakes about drugs were discussed interactively.

Within the scope of the training, interactive activities were carried out with the students and it was tried to raise awareness of the students against drug addiction. At the end of the training, it was discussed with the students on what should be done to prevent drug addiction.

At the end of the online training, the questions that the students wondered about drug addiction were discussed and answered by the academicians. At the end of the training, great feedback was received from the students.