We became a partner of the DAPY social responsibility project.Show more
We are happy to share the short summary film of the multiplier event of our Erasmus+ Project named "Prevention of Substance Abuse in Youth (DAPY)".Show more
Thanks to the Turkish National Agency that made our project come to life, our partner Istanbul University that hosted our event, Prof. Dr. Murat COŞKUN, Prof. Dr. Ümmühan İŞOĞLU, Dr. Instructor Member Safa KOÇOĞLU, we would like to thank our professors and all the participants.Show more
At the end of the day, on Erasmus+ opportunities, Dr. An introductory session on "Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Programs" was organized by Hakan Güler. Young people will continue to contribute to the solutions of social problems with new projects!Show more
In the second half of the day, a training on "Addiction in terms of Preventive Mental Health" was organized by academicians who are experts in their fields. Young people, who showed great interest in the education in which the curriculum, which is one of the project outputs, was used, were entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate.Show more
As part of the event, Prof. Dr. Our teacher Kültegin Ögel gave a seminar on "The Current Situation of Cannabis Use and Addiction in Our Country and Europe".Show more
Young people, academics and policy makers participated in the multiplier event that we held to promote and disseminate the sustainable outputs of our project.Show more
We came together with our precious young people within the scope of the "Prevention of Substance Abuse in Youth Project (DAPY)" hosted by Istanbul University.We will continue our fight against substance addiction with determination, and we will work with determination until there is not a single addict.Show more
Our students and Prof. from Istanbul University. Dr. With the participation of our teacher Murat Coşkun, we held a conversation on "Preventing Drug Addiction in Youth". In the interview, the contents of the training modules we prepared in the project and the short film were used.Show more
We held our Fourth International Project Meeting hosted by Harran University with our partners from Norway (University of Oslo), Poland (University of Opole), Portugal (AJD) and Istanbul University. The intellectual outputs of our project are about to be completed.Show more
Our second short film titled "Misconceptions about cannabis" has been released.Show more
 in Oslo. New friends and colleagues from Turkey, Portugal and Poland meeting old friends and outreach workers from 
 in Oslo. Productive, interesting and fun. Great to finally be able to meet in real life again!Show more
We held the third International Project Management meeting hosted by the University of Oslo, Norway. One of our project outputs, "academic publication" formed the main agenda item of our meeting. Scholars who are experts in their fields continue to work for a great article.Show more
Academicians of our university attended the "Preventing Drug Addiction in Youth" project meeting in Portugal.Show more
The Second Transnational Project Meeting of "Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth" project was held at Associação Juvenil de Deão in Portugal. Participants from Turkey, Portugal and Poland discussed the latest developments in the project and planned the coming activities.Show more
We held the first international project management meeting of our Erasmus+ project, "Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth", to prevent drug addiction among young people under the direction of Harran University, hosted by Istanbul University.Show more
Now Online: "Comparisons in the making: youth accounts of cannabis use in Swedish addiction treatment" by Mats Ekendahl &Patrik Karlsson in the Special Issue: Cannabis Cultures and Cannabis Markets in Global Perspective.Show more
Now online: "Beyond the dark web: navigating the risks of cannabis supply over the surface web" by Andrew Childs, Melissa Bull & Ross Coomber in the Special Issue: Cannabis Cultures and Cannabis Markets in Global Perspective.Show more
Within the framework of the curriculum and films for the prevention of drug addiction created within the scope of our project, online training was given to students of Opole University, one of our partners. Show more
From substance abuse to freedom: Let's watch Tolga's true story together. Show more
Turkish National Agency shared our short film.. Show more
The topics titled "Combating Substance Addiction and Women, Viewing Women from the Perspective of Intervention and Viewing Women from the Perspective of Prevention" were discussed. Digital Participation Certificate was given to the participants at the end of the training.Show more
You're Invited: Combating Addictions and Women's Webinar Show more
Our first short film is on the air! Show more
Our Erasmus+ KA205 project, "Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth", carried out by Harran University and with partners from Norway, Portugal, Poland and Turkey, included "What is a Drug, Types of Drugs, Learning and Memory of Drugs," together with young people. Show more
An interactive environment was provided with animation film analysis and various activities in the program.Show more
Now you can also follow us on Instagram accounts Show more
Our Erasmus+ KA205 project named "Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth", which is carried out by Harran University and has partners from Norway, Portugal, Poland and Turkey, is now on twitter! Show more