The First International Project Management Meeting of Our Project Was Held at Istanbul University

“Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth – Prevention of Drug Addiction in Youth” with partners from Portugal (Associação Juvenil de Deão), Norway (University of Oslo) and Poland (University of Opole), supported by the Turkish National Agency and the European Union, and held under the Coordinatorship of Harran University. ” KA2 Erasmus+ Youth project meeting was hosted by Istanbul University.

This meeting is also the first international project management meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth”, which is held under the direction of Harran University, aimed at preventing drug addiction among young people.

Prof. from Istanbul University, to evaluate the ongoing studies within the scope of the project, which will raise awareness of young people about addiction and prevent substance use, and to evaluate the activities to be carried out in the future. Dr. Murat Coskun and Dr. Instructor See. Yaşar Tanır attended the meeting held in Portugal where the project partners were present.

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to develop an education curriculum that will protect young people from substance abuse and to transform this curriculum into a certificate program open to everyone in the online system. In addition, an awareness-raising short film is prepared using cartoon film techniques. Thus, by reaching young people through many channels, awareness of the psychological and social problems caused by substance and especially cannabis addiction will be raised. In addition, the closing conference of the project, where many national and international academic publications and meetings were held and will be held, and the presentation of the project outputs are planned to be hosted by Istanbul University.