Combating Addictions and Women’s Webinar​

On the 101st Anniversary of the Green Crescent, on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at 20.00, in the online panel titled “Fighting Addictions and Women”, one of the leading female figures of our country in the fight against addictions, Dr. Esra Albayrak, Assoc. Dr. Rabia Bilici, Dr. Instructor Member Ruken Macit, Exp. Psychologist Melike Şimşek and Green Crescent Education Management Deputy Director Çiğdem Bayram took part as speakers. In the webinar held, Green Crescent Board Member Dr. While Esra Albayrak gave a talk on “Women’s Power in Combating Addictions”, Health Sciences University Faculty Member and Green Crescent Science Board Member Assoc. Dr. Rabia Bilici, on the other hand, focused on the subject of “Addiction in Women”. Harran University, Sociology Department Lecturer Dr. Instructor Member Ruken MACİT made a presentation on “Combating Substance Addiction and Women”. Green Crescent Counseling Centers (YEDAM) Manager Exp. While psychologist Melike ŞİMŞEK had a talk on “Women from the Perspective of Intervention”, Çiğdem BAYRAM, Deputy Director of Educational Management of the Green Crescent, gave a talk on “View of Women from the Perspective of Prevention”. At the end of the training, a Digital Participation Certificate was given to the participants.