Süreyya Kitapçıoğlu “The Protective Factor Against Addiction: “Saying No and Communication Skills”

“Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth – Prevention of Drug Addiction in Youth” with partners from Portugal (Associação Juvenil de Deão), Norway (University of Oslo) and Poland (University of Opole), supported by the Turkish National Agency and the European Union, and held under the Coordinatorship of Harran University. ” As part of the KA2 Erasmus+ Youth project, a conference called “Protective Factor Against Addiction: “Saying No and Communication Skills” was held in Istanbul.

In her speech, Süreyya Kitapçıoğlu stated that it is important to be able to acquire this skill frequently, especially during school age and adolescence, or to be able to apply it more clearly during adolescence. Kitapçıoğlu also stated that communication is important and said, “Actually, communication is important for all of us. At the points of communication, we are on the side of coping with the difficulties we experience in terms of relations with each other, or rather bilaterally or in general terms. This can be especially evident in people who are prone to addiction. Some people stated that they could get stressed because they believed that they could not explain themselves or that they could not.

Finally, Kitapçıoğlu, As we start to say no when we don’t want to, our control over our own life increases, and does this allow us to protect ourselves? Saying no sometimes actually means being able to draw the border in front of you more clearly and being able to prevent it from being exceeded. He stated that the main reason for our failure, especially in the face of insistence, was that there was a difficulty in saying no.