Right Known Mistakes

Within the scope of the “Project for the Prevention of Substance Use in Youth”, our animated short film about the misconceptions about cannabis has been released! The fact that cannabis is produced naturally and is easily accessible in this sense has created a belief that cannabis is not harmful, especially in the eyes of individuals who use it. However, cannabis, like all other substances, is harmful to health and negatively affects the psychological state of the individual. For this reason, it has become necessary to produce a content about these well-known mistakes that have become widespread in the society. In the short film prepared for this purpose, despite the statement “Cannabis is not addictive”, the increase in the dose is evidence of addiction; against the judgment of “herb is harmless”, which is widely heard in daily language, that cannabis use causes psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, panic attacks and depression; Despite the judgment that “marijuana increases creativity”, cannabis use damages nerve endings in the brain and causes learning difficulties; Despite the judgment that “Cannabis lowers blood sugar, so it is good for diabetics”, there is no relationship between cannabis and diabetes; Despite the judgment that “Cannabis use does not affect daily life”, it was emphasized that cannabis use slows down the brain and therefore makes it difficult for the individual to control his thoughts and emotions. The use of other substances, such as cannabis, is harmful both individually and socially, and that once used, it can be a harbinger of a process that will evolve into addiction. This short film was shared on social media accounts; It is also aimed to reach a large number of people and raise awareness.